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The 17th Commonwealth Fly Fishing Championships 2016 have been awarded to Mont Tremblant, Quebec, Canada.

The dates for the CFFC being the 27th August - 1st September, a week before the World Fly Fishing Championship in Vail, Colorado.

The River Du Diable

The river Du Diable which runs from its headwaters in Mont-Tremblant National Parc, has been chosen for the 2016 Commonwealth Fly Fishing Championships. The Diable (Devils) River is a fairly wide mountain-fed freestone river with an expansive watershed which makes it very responsive to precipitations. As water levels drop to their lowest levels in August and September, the features of the Diable river become much better defined and the slower pace of the currents offer the best dry fly opportunities of the year. Within the 15 kilometer fishing sector, the Diable River consists mainly of long stretches of pocket water, at times deep, with scattered but poorly defined pools. Streamers and nymphs are recommended for the most part with good dry fly opportunities towards the end of the season.


The chosen lakes for the CFFC are Lac Long , Lac Renversis and two others yet to be confirmed.

Awaiting more info on the Lakes but will post as soon as available

Watch this space !

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